About the Artist

Dennis Caskey - Fine Art Photographer

My imagination has lived quite a life. It is there that I have been around the world, saved many lives from certain disaster, and traveled to a galaxy far, far away.

The reality is..."Reality is", a phrase that I will never forget. In 2020, my good friend, who was well known for saying this to people in conversations, passed away. It's not that he wasn't a dreamer, but that he was well-grounded. He had even named his business 'RealityIs'.

My reality is that I have spent over 30 years in the plastics industry. However, I was continually searching for a more creative and fulfilling endeavor. My different side hustles included custom building golf clubs, being a custom woodworker, web design, and blogging.

Photography, however, has been something that I have always enjoyed doing, but, other than doing some freelance work in the late 1990s, I never really took it past the hobby stage. I also, at least not until the last couple of years, didn't really explore it as an art form.

This changed when I started learning some new photographic techniques that helped me create some pieces that began to stir my emotions. I realized each image told a story. It was then that photography became my art.

My story—my reality—was changing.


The Minimalist movement has inspired my most recent work. In a world that is so chaotic, I try to bring as much minimalism to my photographic art as I can, giving the viewer a sense of hope and peace.


Whenever I can, I try to use long exposure photography techniques in order to reduce the chaos that is present in a scene. Blurring the chaos allows the viewer to focus on the subject, engage with the scene, and become a part of the story within.

Behind the Scenes

I'm currently working on a collection called "Hopeful Horizons". I'm currently working on a collection called "Hopeful Horizons." It will consist of limited-edition prints that capture the feeling of looking off into the distance, searching for hope, and knowing that it's just over the horizon. We all go through dark times. It is the very nature of life, but there is always hope.

Sometimes we need to withdraw from the surrounding chaos by focusing on something minimalistic in order to feel hope. It is then, during this inner reflection, that we know that the hope is out there, we just have to keep looking for it.

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