Custom / Commission Photography

Here's your chance to own art that has personal significance for you such as landscapes, streets, or gardens in your area. Or I can create a piece of art personalized with a special quote.

Other ideas: Cars, Boats, Sports Action, Drone/Aerial, Old Architectural/Barns, Abstract Photos containing a Special Quote or Bible Verse.

👉 TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT: Select the contact button at the bottom of this page and give me some brief details of your requirements (type of image and location), and I will start your no-obligation quote. If need be, we can meet via Zoom to clarify your requirements.


Examples of Past Work

Old Barn/Homestead Aerial Photography

Aerial/Drone Photography

Abstract Photography with a Custom Quote

Custom/Creative Sports Photography

Custom/Creative Sports Photography in Selective Color

Pets/Animal Action Photography

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