See it in Your Home

An example of the mockup service provided by Dennis Caskey

A free, no-obligation service

If you're having a hard time visualizing what a new fine art print will look like in your home or office, then this FREE service is for you.

It is possible to see what your favorite print will look like on your wall BEFORE you commit to purchasing it.

With this service you can be confident that the print you love will be the perfect choice for your space.

It's perfectly natural to be nervous purchasing a new art piece when you are unable to see it and hold it in person.

I understand this nervousness and even anxiety that this produces and want to ensure that my customers are confident that the print and size they are considering investing in will look absolutely stunning on their wall when it arrives.

That's why I offer this personalized service to you. These 'mockups' will help you visualize your choices FIRST, before you ever hit the BUY button.

It's also FAST, SIMPLE and absolutely FREE.

The guide below has four easy steps to get the mockup started and lift your confidence.

The Process



Make sure the wall/room you are going to take a picture of is as well-lit as possible. It's best to open the curtains and turn on all the lights. This will give your best chance of making all the details in the room visible.



Second, take a picture of the wall where you'd like to place the print. You can use your cell phone camera or any other digital camera. Try to take the picture straight on, as in the 'good example' images.

A good example of a straight on image.

A bad example. This is not straight on. The image is aimed at the corner of the room and the walls are at an angle to the photographer.



I will need a measurement of something to help me 'scale' the image so that I can accurately superimpose my image onto yours. Measure something large in the room. It could be a sofa, a bed, a table, or a mantle. Or you could even show the two corners/edges of the wall. Whatever the object, it needs to be "straight on" to the camera and not at an angle.

You will need some sort of measuring device, like a tape measure. I prefer measurements in Feet and Inches, but I can work with any type of linear measurement. Simply measure the width of the object and write it down.



Lastly, send me a message using the 'Contact' form below and include the following information:

-Your Name
-Your email address
-The name of the fine art print(s) you are considering.
-The size(s) of the print(s) that you have in mind.

I will then send you my email address. All you have to do at this point is to reply to my email with the following information:

- What object you measured.
- The measurements.
- Attach the photo(s) of your wall/room.

Contact form

Your work is done. Now it's up to me. I will complete the mockup and email it back to you at no charge or obligation. I simply want you to be able to visualize the art in your space and be confident that it will look the way you imagine.

Turnaround time for the mockup is usually within a day or two.